PhDs with Iain Phillips

I get a lot of emails asking about PhD applications at Loughborough and this page contains the things I would normally type in a reply. I’ve collected them together so I don’t have to keep retyping.

I’m willing to consider candidates from anywhere, but I can only consider after an application is made. To do this please find the form on the University Web-site and fill it in. If you’re especially interested in me as a supervisor mention my name on the form. Please note that there are other people at Loughborough with similar research interests to me, noteably: Professor Yang - Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks and Control, Dr Lin Guan - network modelling and evaluation, Dr Ana Salagean - Security and Coding. Dr Posco Tso - data centres, NFV, SDN. Dr Amitabh Trehah - SDN, Graph Theory, Compact Routing. Joint supervision is possible.

If you do email me, please tell me in that email who else you have contacted at Loughborough.

I do not normally have funding for PhD places. If a studentship exists this will be advertised via the School website and If there is nothing there, then there is no point asking for funding.

We will always take up references, so it is a good idea to mention to your referees that they will be contacted shortly after your application. References from generic email addresses such as or are not usually accepted.

If you are particularly interested in a topic of research please provide a short (say 500-word) summary. You will not have to researching this area, but it will help us assess your promise as a candidate.

Iain Phillips