Iain Phillips

I’m a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Loughborough University, where I’ve worked for over 20 years as Research Assistant, Research Fellow, Lecturer and Senior Lecturer. From Feb 2008 until July 2011 I served as Head of Computer Science and as a result joined the Council of Profs and Heads of Computing Committee. I was CPHC Chair from 2012-2014 then the Immediate Past Chair, then I left the committee.

In Academic year 2019-20 I hold the following external positions:

And at Loughborough:

My official web presence is rather corporate, but lets you see some employment information and also useful things like a publication list.

My research is based around the areas of computer networking and high performance computing.

I maintain a LaTeX class for writing reports, dissertations and theses at Loughborough: luthesis.

If you are interested in studying a PhD under my supervision at Loughborough, click here.