Iain Phillips

I’m a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Loughborough University, where I’ve worked for over 20 years as Research Assistant, Research Fellow, Lecturer and Senior Lecturer. From Feb 2008 until July 2011 I served as Head of Computer Science and as a result joined the Council of Profs and Heads of Computing Committee. I was CPHC Chair from 2012-2014 then the Immediate Past Chair, then I left the committee.

In Academic year 2017-18 I hold the following external positions:

And at Loughborough:

My official web presence is rather corporate, but lets you see some employment information and also useful things like a publication list.

My research is based around the areas of computer networking and high performance computing. I’ve recently joined the quantum systems group at Loughborough as we explore the face of computing and networking over the next 10-30 years.

I maintain a LaTeX class for writing reports, dissertations and theses at Loughborough: luthesis.

If you are interested in studying a PhD under my supervision at Loughborough, click here.